For Girls

Money Maze Bank

Make spending your hard-earned money even harder by placing them inside this money maze bank. Just insert your money inside and the only way you can get it out is to solve a complex puzzling maze, giving you time to ponder if you really need the ...

Wasabi Candy Canes

Stash these in the gift bags of those who have been naughty to you all year - they might look like an apple or spearmint candy cane on the outside, but just see the look on their faces once they realize it's been wasabi all along.

Galaxy Space Rings

The entire galaxy is in your hands when you wear one of these special handmade galaxy space rings. The resin ring looks as if a huge swirling galaxy with all its stardust lies afloat in your space ring, making it a great gift for anyone who like ...

Cute Pug Desk Planter

Add a relaxing addition to your home or office by having this pug desk planter right at your desk. The adorable sleeping pug looks so calm, its serene aura is relieving to look at, especially during a stressful work day.

Attachable Pencil Slingshot

Turn your boring pencil into a prank weapon with the pencil slingshot. It's a metal slingshot that can be attached to any pen or pencil, transforming your writing gear into a paper ball launching device.

The LEGO Architect Inspiration Book

Acquaint yourself with the many architectural wonders in history from Art Deco to Modern building styles with the "The LEGO Architect" book. A perfect gift for LEGO building enthusiasts and a great way to gather inspiration for your next ...

Fluffy Slime Satisfying Stress Relief Toy

Stretch it, roll it, fold it, smash it, poke it, squeeze it, pull it apart - no matter your stress level, just realease all of that madness with all your heart and rage towards this innocent fluffy slime stress relief toy. This stress slime is ...

Nyan Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Color up your office desk and your documents by displaying and using this whimsical nyan unicorn rainbow tape dispenser on anything you want to put magic on. The unicorn figure comes with a golden horn and a rainbow mane that matches color of the ...

Heated Travel Blanket

Now this is a great way to get cozy and toasty when tailgating or during those bitter cold winter nights. This electric heated fleece blanket can plug into any car lighter with its extra long cord and quickly heats up to just the right temperature.

Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin

Add a geeky flair to your baked goods and embed Super Mario characters Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and more to your pies and pastries with the Super Mario molded rolling pin. This rolling pin is sure to make you the star of any Super Mario themed ...