For Men

Travel Security Secret Money Belt

This travel security money belt is one of the best travel must-haves. Keep your large bills and important stuff discreetly stashed inside this travel security money belt and no one will have a clue about it, plus, the belt is always tied around ...

Wasabi Candy Canes

Stash these in the gift bags of those who have been naughty to you all year - they might look like an apple or spearmint candy cane on the outside, but just see the look on their faces once they realize it's been wasabi all along.

Mini Batman Signal Light

Set this mini Batman signal light on your desk and immerse yourself in the Gotham City experience. Shine this light on to tell everyone that Batman (that means you) is always there to help those in need, making you the most reliable person in ...

Tabasco Infused Chocolate

Add some kick of heat to your chocolatey cravings with this Tabasco infused chocolate wedges. This spicy confection comes in a specially designed Tabasco tin, perfect to give as a gift for lovers of Tabasco and other hot stuff.

Beard Christmas Ornaments

  For the manly bearded man, these "beardaments" or beard Christmas ornaments are a perfect way to make a festive statement this coming holiday season. These bright and colorful baubles have easy to attach clips so you can snap as you go ...

Funny Face Drink Coasters

Need drink coasters? Get these double purpose drink coasters that you and your guests can use to make funny faces! The set comes with 20 pieces of comical double-sided face coasters, so that makes for 40 amusing faces for everyone to enjoy.

Bottle Cap Shooting Bottle Opener

Turn your drinking night session into a fun bottle cap shoot out using this bottle cap shooting bottle opener. This mini device is ready to unload right after opening a beer bottle, turning the discarded bottle cap into a flying "bullet" ready to ...

Attachable Pencil Slingshot

Turn your boring pencil into a prank weapon with the pencil slingshot. It's a metal slingshot that can be attached to any pen or pencil, transforming your writing gear into a paper ball launching device.

The LEGO Architect Inspiration Book

Acquaint yourself with the many architectural wonders in history from Art Deco to Modern building styles with the "The LEGO Architect" book. A perfect gift for LEGO building enthusiasts and a great way to gather inspiration for your next ...

Fluffy Slime Satisfying Stress Relief Toy

Stretch it, roll it, fold it, smash it, poke it, squeeze it, pull it apart - no matter your stress level, just realease all of that madness with all your heart and rage towards this innocent fluffy slime stress relief toy. This stress slime is ...