For Neighbors

Mini Lazy Susan Organizer

This mini lazy susan might just be the solution to your messed up spice storage. The Roto-Caddy lazy susan organizer is stackable and it rotates for easy access to spices at the back that never gets to see light in some other storage caddies.

Mini Pallet Drink Coasters

Protect your furniture from unsightly scratches and damages with the use of these wooden mini pallet coasters. Aside from protecting the fittings in your home, these are also a great way to add a touch of industrial minimalism to your table.

Funny Face Drink Coasters

Need drink coasters? Get these double purpose drink coasters that you and your guests can use to make funny faces! The set comes with 20 pieces of comical double-sided face coasters, so that makes for 40 amusing faces for everyone to enjoy.

Cute Pug Desk Planter

Add a relaxing addition to your home or office by having this pug desk planter right at your desk. The adorable sleeping pug looks so calm, its serene aura is relieving to look at, especially during a stressful work day.

Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin

Add a geeky flair to your baked goods and embed Super Mario characters Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and more to your pies and pastries with the Super Mario molded rolling pin. This rolling pin is sure to make you the star of any Super Mario themed ...

Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

Add an exotic yet calming end to your exhausting work day by drinking from a glass of whiskey adorned with a laughing buddha ice. Make these laughing buddha ice using this silicone mold, enough to produce a massive block of ice to keep your ...

Perfect Boiled Egg Timer

Perfect hard boiled egg? Check. Boiled egg that's runny inside? No problem. With the perfect boiled egg timer, you will always get that consistent boiled egg texture that you want. Simply place the timer egg together with the eggs in a pan, and ...

Silicone Stretch Food Saver

Stop wasting too much $$$ on disposable cling wraps and save the environment too by using one of these silicone stretch food saver lids for storing food. Cut a watermelon in half, or refrigerating that leftover salad? Wrap them up with the ...

Taiyaki Fish Shaped Cake Maker

Thank the taiyaki gods because you can now easily make taiyaki fish pan cakes right at the comforts of your kitchen without having to buy those expensive industrial taiyaki pans. Use this fish shaped cake maker to recreate that crazy yummy Japanese ...

Ceiling Fan & Light Bulb Pull Chain

Finally a pull chain that helps you distinguish which chain end to pull, saving you precious time. This ceiling fan and light bulb pull chain set is cleverly designed to give this simple chain set a functional design while maintaining that ...