Cute Stuff

Cute Pug Desk Planter

Add a relaxing addition to your home or office by having this pug desk planter right at your desk. The adorable sleeping pug looks so calm, its serene aura is relieving to look at, especially during a stressful work day.

Nyan Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Color up your office desk and your documents by displaying and using this whimsical nyan unicorn rainbow tape dispenser on anything you want to put magic on. The unicorn figure comes with a golden horn and a rainbow mane that matches color of the ...

Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin

Add a geeky flair to your baked goods and embed Super Mario characters Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and more to your pies and pastries with the Super Mario molded rolling pin. This rolling pin is sure to make you the star of any Super Mario themed ...

Taiyaki Fish Shaped Cake Maker

Thank the taiyaki gods because you can now easily make taiyaki fish pan cakes right at the comforts of your kitchen without having to buy those expensive industrial taiyaki pans. Use this fish shaped cake maker to recreate that crazy yummy Japanese ...

Mini Shopping Cart Desk Organizer

Organize your desk clutter with this mini shopping cart desk organizer. A great way to reminisce those great, relaxing times at the grocery when you are dealing with work at the office. This mini shopping cart can be used as a toy cart for ...

Corgi Butt Squishy Mousepad

  Gear up and protect your wrists from the discomfort of having to scroll all day with this adorably cute corgi butt mousepad. ;) The big booty area of this corgi mousepad is for your wrists; they're bubbly, soft, and squishy yet firm enough ...

Totoro Pet Hoodie

Keep your four-legged friend warm and cuddly with this soft Poporo pet hoodie. The hoodie adds more cuteness to your already adorable pet dog or cat with its Poporo design that you can put over your pet's head to mimic Totoro.

Cherry Blossom Whiskey Stones

Avoid watering down that premium whisky with these Cherry Blossom whisky stones. The set comes in individual stainless steel Sakura petals you can use to chill and enjoy your liquor without having to dilute it with ice cubes.

Pusheen Desktop Planter

Give your office desk a kawaii makeover with the natural cuteness of this Pusheen desktop planter. This adorable planter features the Pusheen face with eartips and strips and tail at the back, making this the purrfect desktop centerpiece for every ...

Cat Ears & Paws Ring

This is just the purrfect gift to your feline-loving friends! This sterling silver cat ring comes with cute pop-out cat ears as well as pawtips on each end that lets you adjust your ring for that snug fit.