Travel Security Secret Money Belt

This travel security money belt is one of the best travel must-haves. Keep your large bills and important stuff discreetly stashed inside this travel security money belt and no one will have a clue about it, plus, the belt is always tied around ...

Galaxy Space Rings

The entire galaxy is in your hands when you wear one of these special handmade galaxy space rings. The resin ring looks as if a huge swirling galaxy with all its stardust lies afloat in your space ring, making it a great gift for anyone who like ...

Beard Christmas Ornaments

  For the manly bearded man, these "beardaments" or beard Christmas ornaments are a perfect way to make a festive statement this coming holiday season. These bright and colorful baubles have easy to attach clips so you can snap as you go ...

Tire Tread Rings

Show off your love and passion for bikes with subtlety and class by sporting this ring with that iconic tire tread pattern that's sure to grab attention and can be used as a fun ice breaker. The tire tread ring is made of stainless steel and ...

Scented Macaron Coin Purse

Take your love for French Macarons to the next level by stashing your coins and bills inside this macaron coin purse that actually smells like the real thing. Use this to mask the scent of dirty money and to keep this delectable French ...

Totoro Pet Hoodie

Keep your four-legged friend warm and cuddly with this soft Poporo pet hoodie. The hoodie adds more cuteness to your already adorable pet dog or cat with its Poporo design that you can put over your pet's head to mimic Totoro.

Hundred Dollar Bill Beach Towel

Wrap yourself in this crisp hundred dollar bill towel while bathing yourself in luxury or when frolicking in the beach. This self-absorbent c-note towel is sure to catch attention as you walk by flaunting that huge note.

Cat Ears & Paws Ring

This is just the purrfect gift to your feline-loving friends! This sterling silver cat ring comes with cute pop-out cat ears as well as pawtips on each end that lets you adjust your ring for that snug fit.

Mini Xbox 360 Video Game Controller Rings

Show 'em your geeky love of gaming, specifically Xbox 360 gaming, with this mini Xbox 360 video game controller ring - this way no longer can anyone take the controller from you ever.

Poker Bling Silver Lucky Spinning Ring

Haven’t made it to the WSOP main event yet? Whatever. You can still up the ante of your Poker game night and feel like a Poker champion that you truly are by wearing this elegant Poker Bling silver spinning poker ring. The ring is silver plated ...