Alcoholic Beverages

Funny Face Drink Coasters

Need drink coasters? Get these double purpose drink coasters that you and your guests can use to make funny faces! The set comes with 20 pieces of comical double-sided face coasters, so that makes for 40 amusing faces for everyone to enjoy.

Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

Add an exotic yet calming end to your exhausting work day by drinking from a glass of whiskey adorned with a laughing buddha ice. Make these laughing buddha ice using this silicone mold, enough to produce a massive block of ice to keep your ...

Smoke-Effect Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

Add a smokey, artisanal effect to your party drinks with these dry ice drink stirrers. Just add dry ice inside the stirrer to create that stunning magical drink effect - the food-grade stirrer locks dry ice in the bottom for that smokey effect ...

Cherry Blossom Whiskey Stones

Avoid watering down that premium whisky with these Cherry Blossom whisky stones. The set comes in individual stainless steel Sakura petals you can use to chill and enjoy your liquor without having to dilute it with ice cubes.

Bottle Beer Bong

Now this is the beer bong contraption for your individual beer bottles! Just slip the Head Rush bottle beer bong in any beer bottle (or any bottle, for that matter), raise it up, and get ready to chug down your beer bottle in record time.

Ice Mold Frozen Shot Glasses

Give an arctic blast to your party by serving your favorite shot in these frozen ice shot glasses. The silicone mold spews out ice shot glasses guaranteed to make your party way "cooler", plus you can also make make frozen shot glasses using dessert ...

The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer

Just the fun and interactive book you need to become a beer connoisseur. "The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer: A Beer Lover's Companion" has eight full chapters, each dedicated to introduce you to the world of beer and beer-making. The book ...

Bottle Opener Ring

Don't be caught off guard - always be ready to open another beer bottle with this bottle opener ring, a perfect accessory for beer drinkers plus, it looks easy on the eyes.

Real Bullet Shot Glass

Add a touch of danger to your every shot of scotch or whisky with this hand-blown shot glass embedded with a genuine .308 bullet that's seemingly piercing through the glass. The fact that the .308 is real gives each shot an added adrenaline boost, ...

Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

Do away with the enormous amount of empty calories and that nasty morning-after hangover with this alcohohol vaporizing spirit pump that helps bring out the spirit's rich taste and aroma all without the risk of hangovers. This pen-shaped device can ...