Tabasco Infused Chocolate

Add some kick of heat to your chocolatey cravings with this Tabasco infused chocolate wedges. This spicy confection comes in a specially designed Tabasco tin, perfect to give as a gift for lovers of Tabasco and other hot stuff.

Irresistible Sriracha Bacon

The smoky crunch of bacon plus the addicting spiciness of Sriracha = the best snack you'll ever have. We all know those two are the big winners to our taste buds so they've come up with a way to marry those two - the irresistible Sriracha Bacon.

Sriracha Ketchup

The Sriracha Hot Sauce sensation just spawned another condiment that'll have ketchup and Sriracha lovers the world over going gaga. They know we sometimes wanted to mix Sriracha with ketchup, so they have created the Sriracha Ketchup, which is a ...