Tabasco Infused Chocolate

Add some kick of heat to your chocolatey cravings with this Tabasco infused chocolate wedges. This spicy confection comes in a specially designed Tabasco tin, perfect to give as a gift for lovers of Tabasco and other hot stuff.

Taiyaki Fish Shaped Cake Maker

Thank the taiyaki gods because you can now easily make taiyaki fish pan cakes right at the comforts of your kitchen without having to buy those expensive industrial taiyaki pans. Use this fish shaped cake maker to recreate that crazy yummy Japanese ...

Scented Macaron Coin Purse

Take your love for French Macarons to the next level by stashing your coins and bills inside this macaron coin purse that actually smells like the real thing. Use this to mask the scent of dirty money and to keep this delectable French ...

Irresistible Sriracha Bacon

The smoky crunch of bacon plus the addicting spiciness of Sriracha = the best snack you'll ever have. We all know those two are the big winners to our taste buds so they've come up with a way to marry those two - the irresistible Sriracha Bacon.

White Castle Scented Candle

Take that familiar White Castle smell and feel-good feeling with you wherever you go with White Castle's very own candle. The candle comes in in its classic White Castle slider box, and smells exactly like you are inside a White Castle ...

Beef Jerky Business Cards

Create a tasty and impressive first impression by handling them out your own custom beef jerky business card. These cards are guaranteed to wow and spark curiosity about your business, unlike those regular, boring business cards that get stacked in ...

Anti-Theft Moldy Sandwich Bag

Keep prying hands off your packed sandwich at the office by placing it inside this anti-theft, moldy sandwich bag. This clear, food-safe sandwich bag has funky molds printed in it to give the idea that the sandwich those nasty fridge raiders are ...

Assorted Japanese Dagashi Candy Box

These assorted kawaii Japanese candies make for a great and cute addition to your party's candy stash. The dagashi (cheap candy) box comes with 20pcs of different candies and crackers, guaranteed to give a taste of Japan in each bite.