21st Birthday

Smoke-Effect Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

Add a smokey, artisanal effect to your party drinks with these dry ice drink stirrers. Just add dry ice inside the stirrer to create that stunning magical drink effect - the food-grade stirrer locks dry ice in the bottom for that smokey effect ...

Hundred Dollar Bill Beach Towel

Wrap yourself in this crisp hundred dollar bill towel while bathing yourself in luxury or when frolicking in the beach. This self-absorbent c-note towel is sure to catch attention as you walk by flaunting that huge note.

Poker Bling Silver Lucky Spinning Ring

Haven’t made it to the WSOP main event yet? Whatever. You can still up the ante of your Poker game night and feel like a Poker champion that you truly are by wearing this elegant Poker Bling silver spinning poker ring. The ring is silver plated ...

Bottle Beer Bong

Now this is the beer bong contraption for your individual beer bottles! Just slip the Head Rush bottle beer bong in any beer bottle (or any bottle, for that matter), raise it up, and get ready to chug down your beer bottle in record time.

Gold Playing Cards

Give your regular poker game the Midas' Touch treatment by shuffling through these gold playing cards instead. The certified 999.9 gold foil plated deck of playing cards has $100 Franklin bills printed on the back to add to the already opulent ...

Ice Mold Frozen Shot Glasses

Give an arctic blast to your party by serving your favorite shot in these frozen ice shot glasses. The silicone mold spews out ice shot glasses guaranteed to make your party way "cooler", plus you can also make make frozen shot glasses using dessert ...

Monochromatic Black on Black Playing Cards

They're sleek. They're sophisticated. Give an oomph to your game and be the coolest guy in the table with these ulta-stylish monochromatich black on black playing cards, embedded with unique face cards with an alluring Day of the Dead theme.

Underwear Gloves

Give your hands some sense of modesty by having them wear these Handerpants underwear gloves. These gloves will keep 'em warm and toasty as well, plus they'll love the attention they'll be getting, making these a perfect gift to your hardworking ...

Horse Head Mask

Use it to go incognito, to crash a costume party, or just for the novelty of it. This funny horse head mask is made of a latex horse head and a fluffy mane. It lets you see and breathe through the mask so you can wear it all night, if you want it.

Real Bullet Shot Glass

Add a touch of danger to your every shot of scotch or whisky with this hand-blown shot glass embedded with a genuine .308 bullet that's seemingly piercing through the glass. The fact that the .308 is real gives each shot an added adrenaline boost, ...