Tabasco Infused Chocolate

Add some kick of heat to your chocolatey cravings with this Tabasco infused chocolate wedges. This spicy confection comes in a specially designed Tabasco tin, perfect to give as a gift for lovers of Tabasco and other hot stuff.

Cherry Blossom Whiskey Stones

Avoid watering down that premium whisky with these Cherry Blossom whisky stones. The set comes in individual stainless steel Sakura petals you can use to chill and enjoy your liquor without having to dilute it with ice cubes.

Cherry Blossom 3D Pop Up Card

Now this card may be laser printed in 3D, but it envokes emotions when opened. This Love Pop pop up card features a Pink Japanese Cherry Blossom tree with all the intricate details of the Sakura flower, as if spring season has just turned up in ...

DIY Flying Butterfly Card

Lighten up someone's day by surprising them with a DIY flying butterfly card. This DIY flying butterfly is cheap and easy to insert into any card - just simply wind up the rubber band-powered butterfly mechanism and tuck it in your card of choice. ...

Pixelated 8-Bit Rose Flower

Snag the heart of that geeky Player 2 in your life with this pixelated 8-bit pipe-vase rose flower, great for powering your way up to her heart. This 8-bit rose never dies unlike the real ones and is brightly colored to catch her attention each ...

Sexy Truth or Dare Stick Game

Heat up your night with this sexy truth or dare game that involves randomly picking up double-sided sticks, and choosing whether to answer a racy question or performing a sexually adventurous dare. This game is sure to add spice to an arousingly ...