Wasabi Candy Canes

Stash these in the gift bags of those who have been naughty to you all year - they might look like an apple or spearmint candy cane on the outside, but just see the look on their faces once they realize it's been wasabi all along.

Beard Christmas Ornaments

  For the manly bearded man, these "beardaments" or beard Christmas ornaments are a perfect way to make a festive statement this coming holiday season. These bright and colorful baubles have easy to attach clips so you can snap as you go ...

Reindeer Poop Candy Dispenser

Push down on Santa's reindeer's behind and get ready to find out where jelly beans really come from - that is, only if you're prepared to know the truth, tho. A great candy toy to have during the festive Christmas holidays - fill it with brown and ...

Creepy Face Coin Eating Bank

You will be pretty disturbed while you deposit your loose change in this creepy face coin eating bank, with its monkey face and its pretty blank stare that looks straight into your weirded out soul while it devours your hard-earned coin.

The Cheapest Makeup Brush Set. Ever.

Stash them in your purse for those times there's a call for an emergency makeover session, or use them anywhere without the fear of losing 'em because heck, this 20-piece professional makeup brush set is the cheapest ever! Great gift giveaway to ...

Bluetooth Phone Glove

Look stupid or cool, depending on the situation, by talking to your bare gloved hands with this smartphone connected phone glove that allows you to take in calls without having to dig for your phone while out in the freezing cold. It has a tiny ...