Cute Pug Desk Planter

Add a relaxing addition to your home or office by having this pug desk planter right at your desk. The adorable sleeping pug looks so calm, its serene aura is relieving to look at, especially during a stressful work day.

Raptor Dog Costume

Rawrrr! Turn your adorable, goodie good pooch into a fierce yet tiny, hungry raptor dinosaur in this raptor costume that's perfect to go with pet parent's T-Rex costume in any costume or Halloween party.

Corgi Butt Squishy Mousepad

  Gear up and protect your wrists from the discomfort of having to scroll all day with this adorably cute corgi butt mousepad. ;) The big booty area of this corgi mousepad is for your wrists; they're bubbly, soft, and squishy yet firm enough ...

Totoro Pet Hoodie

Keep your four-legged friend warm and cuddly with this soft Poporo pet hoodie. The hoodie adds more cuteness to your already adorable pet dog or cat with its Poporo design that you can put over your pet's head to mimic Totoro.

In Dog Years I’m Dead Hat

Add a fun flair to your day by wearing this "In dog years I'm dead" hat. It can be used as an effective ice breaker at a party or just simply to get some humorous attention as you strut by the street. The cap comes in many different colors to suit ...

Dog Door Bell

Get your four-legged friends to ring a bell for whenever they need to go outside and do their business. Just hang this dog door bell on the door knob and adjust the straps according to your pet's height so your dog can easily reach for and ring the ...

Bling Grin Dog Ball Toy

Give your pet dog some swag while he plays catch by blinging out your dog with this stunning, "jewel-encrusted" bling grin ball toy. This rubber dog toy is BPA free and food safe and also comes flavored with peanut butter your pooch will surely ...

Pug Shots Book

Indulge in this paperback book for pug lovers featuring all-adorable pug shots of these playful pugs caught red-handed in all sorts of funny scenarios.

Star Wars’ Ewok Pet Costume

Make your pet the cutest star of every costume party with this Star Wars' Ewok pet costume. The set comes in an Ewok costume jacket and a character headpiece, perfect for when you want your adorable pet to go with your Star Wars costume this ...

Corgi Butt Purse

Make fellow corgi lovers' hearts melt when they see the cuteness of this darling corgi butt purse. Butt purse comes with additional details like the little fluffy tail and two small paws that makes it even more adorable.